Colors I’m Loving: Blush

I thought this series would be a great way to follow hot colors of the season and keep things all in one place for you guys! For the spring, light pink is EVERYWHERE: shoes, pants, lips. Everything is pink and I must say, its not that bad. Y’all know I love my neutrals, but this is a nice change up to my usual white. For tops I’ve been looking at more things to layer & would also look good on its own. I feel like I own way too many items that are only good for one thing.

For bottoms I have been trying to branch out, I normally wear my standard jeans, denim shorts and leggings.

Now my accessory game is SH*T, I hardly change my jewelry and rarely switch up my bag. But for ya’ll that do, this is what I’m loving and wish I cared enough to try and make it work LOL


Finally my favorite category, SHOES. Matt says I have too many and I don’t even wear what I have, but oh well the more the merrier!

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