The Great Juice Journey Pt 1

Lets take it all the way back to 2016..I know a whole two years.. and there was college Emily behind the counter of the newest juice bar in NJ. All I knew about juice was it was better than the stuff in the soda aisle LOL. So through my training I learned all about healthy living and cleansing and FELL. IN. LOVE. Cleansing became my life. I got so much free juice I didn’t know what to do with it, and my poor roommates thought I was crazy. But I felt so good and I have been dying to get back to that place. Within the past two years I’ve dabbled in juicing with friends and purchasing from whole foods and local organic stores but it just was not the same. Well this weekend through my Amazon plundering…I bought a juicer.

This journey will take us down a path of trial and most likely error…but I won’t stop until I can recreate some of my all time favorites. Im up for the challenge and hope you’ll join me.

Stay tuned for my next post…when the juicer actually arrives (say 2-3 days, thank you amazon prime!)


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