2018 Goals

Ive always been the type of person to right down some key points for the new year, but never stick to it. I some how always lose what I write them down on (I’m still very into handwriting things like notes, and keeping an agenda). However I thought it would be fun to share my goals with you!


  • I want to travel to at least three states I haven’t been to yet/ in a long time. For these trips I want to do a 3/4 day weekend, Matt & I are lucky enough to have the weekends off which makes it super easy to get away.
    • Seattle, Washington
    • New Orleans, Louisiana
    • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Week long trip to an island. I’ve been lucky & blessed with parents that loved to travel so their are plenty of European places I’ve been too, especially within the last 3 years. So I would love to do an all inclusive, resort vacation. I was thinking something along the lines of Cabo or St. Lucia (I would LOVE ideas, Ive only been to the Bahamas and Aruba)


  • Purge!!!!! I hold on to things for no reason so I would really love to be able to clean out my closet and not hem and haw.
  • Try new experiences. This is super vague I know, but when the opportunity arises I will try my very best to go with it
  • Make new friends. I am such a homebody and have my one best friend that I talk to almost every day (yea thats you Noelle) but I would love to add some more core girls into my life. (taking applications JKJK)
  • Throw it all into this blog. I have a great job locked down for the next two years that gives me so much free time, I really want to spend it here with y’all
  • Save up enough money to move out??!?!? LOL


  • Quit eating shit
  • Seriously… I need to eat better. As y’all saw I started the new year thinking I could fully go -omg sidebar Alexa just turned on randomly and started playing music and I’m the only one home…….CREEPY AF..- anywhoooo going fully keto is super hard especially when I eat out so much, I’ve stuck to it at home really well and just need to adapt better when I’m out.
  • THE GYM- Matt & I are joining LA fitness and I am forcing my lazy ass to get there at least three times a week