Winter Skincare

Im not sure where you all are from, but winter here has been BRUTALLL! Between the heat blasting in my house/car and the extreme cold outside my skin has been craving moisture!!

Day to day Routine

To keep my skin nice and dewy I always like to cleanse with a more natural face wash, I love this guy. I find that it helps retain my natural oils whilst removing makeup and dirt. I’ve been loving Ole Henriksen Truth Serum and Transforming Night Gel after I cleanse to really pump my skin full of moisture. I love to mix my skincare up so that little 3 product package was the perfect size to test try.

Every Few Days

To prevent any build up on my skin I’ve been cleansing twice a week with the Kiehls Deep pore cleanser. It really helps smooth out my skin. And I’ve been picking up fun sheet masks here and there. Sheet masks to me aren’t really a big deal, if it looks interesting I will most likely put it on my face (no shame LOL). I linked a few I’ve been loving!

With the combination of serums and face masks my skin has really made a comeback from dry to dewy!