Lets Talk Keto

To start the new year off right I decided to get my eat habits into check! Ive never a picky eater (thank you grandma) or unhealthy but I do eat out as a quick solution. None of the choices I make are terrible but they’re not the best. I follow Lauryn Evarts Facebook group pretty religiously and KETO has been a huge talking point.

Now the basis of Keto is low carb, high fat… which is how your body switches from burning sugar for energy to stored fat. Thinking “oh I don’t eat that many carbs I can totally do this” I decided to figure out my macros first then track a normal day.

The macros, for someone of my size and weight, ended up being a total:

  • 1346 calories
  • 110g fats
  • 20g carbs
  • 68g protein

(I used ruled.me to figure that out)

So I plugged those macros into an app called Carb Manager and tracked my “regular” day. (this app is awesome you can literally type in “chipotle” and all their bar options will come up. OR you can use the scanner)

I realized I was WAY over on my carbs and its a lot harder to “just eat less carbs” cause EVERYTHING has carbs. After my revelation I looked up a bunch of awesome blogs that talked about how to eat properly on keto. This one is my FAV.

This is a better picture of what my end of day tracking looks like (how It should look)


What I bought:

I have a ton of standard food in my fridge but I did want to pick up a few extras. Since I am a coffee lover I made sure to get coconut oil for my ‘Keto Coffee’ and Bone Broth (its soooo much better than how it sounds).

whole foods

I picked up Parm Crisps (the only way I can eat plain tuna in olive oil), Tuna in olive oil, avocados, plain whole milk yogurt, unrefined coconut oil, gut shot and bone broth. With the gut shot you literally take a shot (about 2 swigs) twice a day and its supposed to help clean out your gut!

Thats all I got for now! ill keep you posted on how its going,





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  1. January 2, 2018 / 1:27 pm

    I think I need that Gut Shot in my life! Great grocery haul, thank you for sharing!